About 90%. (elyndys) wrote,
About 90%.

Seme-Friends Only

My LJ is now Seme Semi-Friends Only! You don't have to be seme to friend me but it helps.
Comment to be added!

As of recently, some of my more fannish things will be placed under friends lock. If you'd like to see them, and we have some things in common, drop me a comment here to be added.
Please note I don't friend back:
♠ empty journals
♠ people I don't have any common interests with
♠ people who primarily write in a language other than English

♥ Please also note I'm terrible at replying to comments, but I appreciate them all!
SFO banner made by marlenem, and features Maruyama Ryuhei and Shibutani Subaru of Kanjani8.
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