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2015 highlights :3

- Seeing Subaru in Rotterdam. Still can't believe that happened! I only just got round to ordering the DVD as well, so I can't wait to rewatch it (nearly a year on lol)
- THAT START at the British GP *_* The pundits' comments on the race afterwards might've taken the shine off it temporarily but nothing can take away the feeling of my boy making that blistering start and leading the race and me and my friend going absolutely nuts waving our flags at Copse corner. ♥♥♥♥♥♥
- And on the same weekend, meeting Felipe after the race with other #MassaMafia members. He's just so lovely, so nice when your fave actually is a great guy, haha.
- England Ashes victory. I was rewatching some of the highlights packages earlier and just grinning like a loon at Stuart Broad's 8-15. Just such a turnaround and a great victory against expectation!
- #MassaMafia meet ups at Formula E in summer, and then Race of Champions in November. So great to hang out with people you've met through fandom, especially through a shared OTP, haha. Especially when you find you get along as well irl as you do on Twitter, haha.

On that latter topic, I feel like I need to value my friends more in 2016 and put more effort into my friendships D: I feel like I've lost contact with too many people, and it's really made me think hard about who I am and how I treat people. So I'm going to try harder in the new year! (Also working with the public every day is absolutely not conducive to being a nicer person lol so I really do need to work hard D;)

I know I, like many people, haven't posted that much on here this year, but I do still check LJ every day and I still think of my LJ friends as the original crew! ;) I've also completely failed to write most of the fics I still have whirring round my brain. The further along you get in fandom, the harder it is to find the words, even though the ideas are still there. The spirit is willing, but the brain is weak! ;(

It is, of course, also my 9th Eitoversary! I say this every year, but I'm still so proud of everything they've achieved in the years I've been following them. They just go from strength to strength, and I'm so happy they keep producing work that still makes me so pleased and proud to be their fan! Their album this year was excellent, Subaru has a solo album and tour planned for this year (and, importantly, seems happy and relaxed - as do the rest of the members :), and although I've not kept up with their TV shows, the clips I see always look amazing, haha. Including Yoko kissing Nagase today on Chronicle, lol.

Always relevant to my interests! ;)
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