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It's 2002! No wait 2006! No wait

Because I still like to keep a record of all my fandoms in the solid, taggable, easily find-againable and wholesomely nostalgic world of LJ (or indeed Dreamwidth), I'd like to note my recent and total obsession with the Libertines since I saw them at Tramlines festival last month. I remembered them from my undergrad days of course, dancing to Time for Heroes and Up the Bracket at Fuzz Club on a Thursday after anime soc, and I have a copy of their second album on CD, though I admit it wasn't one that got much playing at the time. I'd even dabbled in the fandom - I was pleased to note I'd retained membership of a bunch of LJ communities, and I remember reading fic (oh, the angst!). I had at least one LJ icon, in fact! (I think it was of the coloured version of this pic.) I even had a copy of the (surprisingly serious) book that was written by a couple of journos after the initial demise of the band - I must've bought it in 2006, because it definitely went with me to America, even though I didn't read it then.

So I was excited to see them, for nostalgia, and also because they always had the feeling of being important. But then I saw them, and suddenly - it was time. I didn't even know a lot of the songs - I'd never listened to the album they released in 2015 - but they were memorable enough that I could pick them out when I did listen to them later. Over and over again, because that album was actually very, very good.

It's funny that I had a brush with the fandom so long ago, but I think the story had to move onto this chapter for me to be fully ensnared. I mean, of course I was intrigued all those years ago by Pete and Carl, one of the greatest music OTPs in history, but a beautiful reconciliation and successful rebuilding of a uniquely special relationship is the happy ending (or at least, continuation) I needed to lure me in. It's a rollercoaster already, I'd expect nothing less, but I have a ticket to see them on their tour in September so I'm hoping the old Albion can remain on course for a good while yet.

(I know I used to know someone on LJ who had the blog title Gin in teacups and leaves on the lawn, but alas, I cannot remember who. I'm in a lovely mix of nostalgia, for a lot of different times, and enjoying the feeling of a fresh, new playground to explore.)
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