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I walk my own path

It's a true story that sounds like a lie

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7 September
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1x2x1, 39, 82, accidentally gay hina, akasuri, akira kurosawa, aladdin's law, alphonse mucha, always sunny in philadelphia, anime, anti-everything, antique bakery, aphex twin, art nouveau, being boring, being filled with rage, being tall, berserk, boards of canada, boys crying, boys in dresses, breadslash, britpop, brunettes, cakes, cats, chocolate, city of god, clothes, colours, cross-dressing, curiously compelling irish twins, cute furry animals, daddy, dd&hsw, densha otoko, dirk bogarde, dixieland jazz, dressing up, eating my words, eerie queerie, enthusiasm, environmentalism, ethics, everyone sucks but me, eyeshield 21, f1, falsifying statistics, feeling goo, felipe massa, fhqwhgads, fighting rick, flowers, friendslashing, gankutsuou, ghostbeard, going organic, goldie lookin chain, gossiping, guinea pigs, gundam wing, happiness, history, holding forth, homestarrunner, ikebukuro west gate park, jazz, jungle wa itsumo, junno & ohkura's failbus, jyanni depp, kabocha, kanjani8, kyou kara maou, laurel & hardy, league of gentlemen, little faces, lurgi, manga, maru/hina, maruyama ryuhei, me, men in white shoes, momo/ryoma, monkey, morris dancing, most haunted, murakami (1 time), my boss my hero, nagase tomoya, no fandom no lyfe, optimism, parsnips, passionate male friendship, prince of tennis, rock 'n' roll, saiyuki, sanayuki, seiten taisei, self-righteousness, shibutani subaru, shiny things, shoes, shopping, silent movies, slacking, slash, smooth men, snooker, staying in, style, subaru's angry eyebrows, t3h gay, tea, tenimyu, the 20s, the 60s, the bad era, the beatles, the discworld, the goon show, the humble turkey, the interweb, the kinks, the mighty boosh, the monkees, the ohayou penguin, the simpsons, the view, thrap padang (porn coconut), tokio, travelling in the uk, trying not to try, under grand hotel, velocipedes, versus, warm fuzzies, washing hair thoroughly, weird weird slash, worrying, wrestling, wrongification, wwe, yaoi, yappari chicken, yasuba, yasuda shota, yomping, yorkshire, your all gay, zimbabwean music

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